Windows 7 Windows 7 SP1 - "ntoskrnl.exe+4ad47c" Bluescreen


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Jul 24, 2019
Hello windowsForum Experts!

I have this weird BSOD happing for quite a while now. I've been to several Windows 7 helper forums and none of them could figure out the cause so far. To start the thread of, here is all the information and speculation from other forums.

General system Info + specs:
  • Download attached file: Windowsforum - BSOD
  • All drivers are up to date, including bios
  • CPU is downclocked to 3.4ghz and over/auto-clocking is fully disabled
  • CPU average temp: ~40-75°C
  • MB average temp: ~40°C
  • (Graphics card is fairly new and the coolest part of the entire PC)
I'm by no means a hardware expert and I usually try to avoid getting near it. The BSOD sometimes occurs twice a week and sometimes every 4-6 months (on + off load). Other forums speculate that it might be related to the old CPU that I'm using but couldn't give me any solutions besides downclocking, which obviously doesn't seem to help.

Feel free to ask for more info if needed.
Looking forward towards any help!


  • Windowsforum - BSOD
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