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Hi, I am currently running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate on a computer I am about to do a complete upgrade on hardware but lately I am experiencing only about 40% to 35% of free Ram on a 4GB setup...How can I look at what is using my ram cause that is just when doing nothing at all, no apps or nothing open.

Can someone help me to track down this. As I want to get this solve before upgrading and finding myself in the same situation.


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Task manager shows what is using what RAM under the procces box,

right click my computer, click properites, and does it show in RAM 4gb?

Yes 4GB of Ram, I now about task manager but its quite hard to do the math and there is nothing consuming more than 1GB so quite hard to see whats consuming almost 2.5GB of Ram when the PC is idle.


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after reviewing closely with a colleague on the amount of RAM consumed during a pc being idle, it came to the conclusion by my colleague that your pc is normal , and there isnt no errors, You can minimize the amount of startup programs used in one of the options within w7, however there is no fix as your pc is normal


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I would not say that it is normal.
Here is a picture of my useage. 2 instances of IE running and several of the built in Windows 7 programs.

Sphirox, can you post a similar snip to mine, so that we can compare? Also, quick one, what browser do you use?

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