Windows 7 Ultimate?

When I say upgrade I mean purchasing the package, not doing an actual upgrade, I am talking about doing a clean install, which you can do from XP.

I guess I made it more confusing. My Appologies.

I guess I am talking about previous licenes to new license, not doing an actual install upgrade. Licenesing only terms.

If you are referring to to doing an Install Upgrade, installing the OS over the top of the other. Then no, (it is like for like install).

ok thank you for clearing that up. looks like that 1TB hard drive i bought wasn't so unwarranted after all. time to clone my disks! i will do a clean install of Win7 Pro on my desktop with a key i get elsewhere and use the upgrade key on my brother's laptop. glad i have this all figured out now. thanks for all the input

The upgrade trick done in vista is not of course confirmed yet for 7.
It hasn't been confirmed but it also hasn't been denied or even really talked about in any depth by Microsoft during Win 7's development.. ;) I doubt it will be "removed" for Win 7.. Maybe down the road but not for this release.. ;)

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