Windows 7 User Delete

hey guys!

i have deleted unwanting my windows 7 user and with him all files in it.

Is there a way to have my files back.

i have tryied some recovering programs but nothing and system restore even nothing :(


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well u can get them back however depending on your hard drive will depend on how long this will take, then once its done you will have to go through thousands of files to get what you want, It depends on how imporant they were

when u delete a file it doesnt actually delete the file, it only deletes the path to the file and then this space is marked free, ready to be rewritten by other data, if the data hasnt been rewritten the data recovery rate increases

i recommend

Recuva by Piriform

Use a deep scan, , location > C:/ and the type All files

My 500gb took 10 hours + i think n my pc aint slow

0-120 GB may take a hour or 2 i would say

i tryed recuva and it didn t worked :( is there any other solution ? ? :(


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all recovery programs work in the same way ,they cant undelete rewritten data as this would be extremely difficult, this is why deleting programs that wipe free space or write such as Gutman methods are extremly effective,

the next step i would try is a system restore back to a date where the user wasnt deleted

i haven t a system restore point you are talking about im dead :(


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then one thing i would say for the future


unless any one else has a miracle idea, if recovery programs have been exhausted any you dont have system restore points then i would say the data has gone.....

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