Windows 7 'Windows 7 will be vista but a lot better'


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I think quite possibly it has to do with mobile applications. MS is apparently planning on opening up sotres throughout this fine country we have. Microsoft hires Wal-Mart veteran to plan retail stores - MarketWatch

Everyone already sells their software. So why else would MS be opening up stores unless they planned on competing in the mobile market.

That's a very good point.. I forgot about them opening up stores... That certainly would lead one to believe the hidden feature (s) could have something to do with mobile devices then.. ;)


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I still do not see how my Vista Premium can be the only perfect running Vista in use world wide. :D

Only problem I ever had with it was the same problem I had with XP: optimizing search, which I figured out was a bit different from XP to Vista.

Vista is a beautiful, fast OS, at least on this Toshiba Satellite; I will never cover it with Windows 7 or any other OS, although I do swap out hard drives to fool around with various Linux distributions and now Windows 7.

Windows 7 beta seems to be a bit "lighter" than Vista, comparitively.. maybe a bit faster, hard to tell (have not done any benchmarks, etc).

I'll buy Windows 7 but it'll be put on a spare hard drive; Vista stays (for as long as it's supported).

I'm happy with Vista too, now that I have it running on suitable hardware. My first attempt with it was a dismal failure. But it's great now ... 64-bit with 8GB RAM ... Photoshop loves it :)

Just the same, when "7" comes out it'll make sense to upgrade, since it's looking like it'll be even better :eek:. I just installed "7" in a VM in VPC 2007 running on top of Vista/64.... and though I don't have extra licences of my software to install copies there, what little I've done with it so far looks good.