Windows 7 Windows 7 won't boot on dual boot system


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Jan 13, 2009
I have a computer with two physical sata drives on one of which is a 32 bit version of XP. I had Vista on the second untill this past weekend when I pulled it to install the new Windows 7 beta 64 bits. Before installing I used Partition Magic to re-partition and format. All went well with the installation but when I later rebooted there was no Boot Manager with the result that I went straight into XP. I tried the Win 7 startup repair with the bootable DVD. It confirmed that it found start up problems and attempted to repair them but on rebooting the same thing happened. In fact, even with the DVD I am unable to get into Win 7 at all.
Anybody have any ideas?

Sorry, it looks like I need to update the above. It appears that Windows 7 did, after several attempts, repair the startup error which it listed as a corrupt Boot Sector code for System Disk Partition. Only now, as there is no boot Manager it boots straight into Win 7 and ignores XP completely even when I change the boot order in the BIOS.
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Have you tried to booting from your XP CD to the repair console
type fixmbr to repair the xp boot
Problem Fixed. Thanks for your help but a friend of mine suggested VistaBootPro, a program I had never heard of before. I just added XP to the Manage OS Entries section of the program in Win 7, rebooted and I had the Boot Manager offering both choices.
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