Windows 7 Windows 7/xp dual booting


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Feb 7, 2009
So, thinking about installing windows 7 on the laptop (ASUS m50vm), from what I understand the drivers are detected fine, and little to no issue to be had with the install.

Now i'm curious, as the only time I ever dual-booted, was with linux, which hated ntfs at the time, so if Iwere to install windows 7 on the ~10 gb I have left, would I just be able to set everything to continue running things off of the xp partition (games and the like), or would I have to switch back over every time?

Just curious because I've got 10gb or so left, just been clearing as I need it, so I can do some mass home cleaning for w7 if I need to, but would prefer to just keep everything where it's at if at all possible (incase for some reason something important I use doesn't like windows 7, monthly bandwidth cap doesn't look too kindly on me mass deleting only to redownload a week later, heh)

I don't think 10GB would be enough, because i dual booted XP and Windows 7 with the same idea (to share applications over the two partitions). However, you need it on your active partition (so it needs to be on your windows 7 partition) for it to run.

I think the only thing that worked fine was FIFA 09 for some wierd reason.
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