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Hello everyone

I have a very odd question, but i hope someone have had encountered with the same problem

1)is there a way to bring the "windows 8 music player" especially the {seek line} which used to look like this

but now looks more like a dot on the like which i find much less compelling

2) and most important is that the windows 8.1 music player app glitches, it has this lag: when i open it, for some reason it takes damn too long and when the music starts playing i cant change anything (not volume neither the next or previous track buttons)

please help

Have you checked for app updates....I know there have been a few?

no, nothing :/

everything seems up to date

App updates are separate from the regular windows have to update the apps from with in the store app, charms bar, settings, app updates, check for updates. Just another reason why I don't use apps..I'll stick with WMP (window media player).

i see

well i tried to update that manually as well, there are no updates since the official player is of course WMP

So I'm confused...are you using the music app like your attachment of your first post or are you using WMP. They are totally to different pieces of software.

no no you got it totally right!

the question was about music app, but since i cant make it work the way i want, the only option is to be using WMP(its the official microsoft program)

in their website there are no updates for "music app" except WMP.

i would have liked to give music app a try tho.. but there no way to fix it


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I just tried the Music app in Windows 8.1 Pro w/ Media Center x64. You're correct on it not having as many option's as Windows Media Player 11 does. The music started playing immediately in my Music app. I also, have Windows Media Player set as the default program. As far as trying to update the Music app, it can only be done through the Windows Store. Click in the top right corner while you have the Store open, click on settings on the right side and then click App Updates on the right. Now towards the store's menu that open's click App Updates again. It may take a few minutes to find any, but I'll bet it does.

Use windows media player. I hate the metro app

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