Windows 8 Windows 8.3 - MS forcing a global login (Windows live) instead of my local PW?


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My PERSONAL Win8.3 PC has always requested a PW to login. It was just a local PW. Today, we lost power for a little while, then when it came back on and I rebooted, my PW didn't work. Windows told me I have to use my Windows live PW. It also sent a confirmation to the Windows authenticator app, which I only have on my phone for work - but at some point I (for some reason) used my personal email with it.

So now, I have to use the live PW to login.

I do not accept that. I didn't pay a software license to have microsoft meddle in my business and manage what I do with MY machine.

How do I disable the live login and go back to my personal, local PW?

Thank you.