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Windows 8 windows 8 activation


New Member
Jun 29, 2013
I have lost my windows 8 original digital image :upset: but have key.
My friend have also got original and have digital image:).
Can I use his digital image and my key for my PC.
Thanx in advance.
I would like to say yes. But I have no idea what a digital image of an OS is - lol.
If the OP means a saved image (Acronis etc) I didn't think it will be possible. He will encounter many problems with different hardware, but possibly could eventually come up with a working OS?? Never tried it.
I think they mean DVD or image file of the .iso

Thank you,
My installed copy of windows 8 is not taking any of drivers.
I have buyed it in offer at starting @ 699/-
Its undeveloped version.
Please let me know that if anyone know website to "download windows 8 HIGHLY compressed".
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Hehe, I did a bad thing... I made an image(ghost-still by far the best imager out there), of an HP laptop, and then loaded the image onto my acer laptop, and my win8 maintained its activation... and win8 didn't have a problem installing the drivers for my acer even from the HP... (makes you think internally most newer laptops have the same hardware configuration of different companies). Oh, as an ICT admin, i removed the Win8 from the HP coz the person wanted Win7, so even on my acer, the key is not used.