Windows 8 Crops content in applet/option windows


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Hi wizards,
Have you also noticed a problem in Windows 8.. when you open some settings option windows of various not only windows programs, Windows 8 crops or chops off the content by opening a smaller window not large enough to display complete contents. Please see. attachment.
This not only happens in Windows Media Player, but also in many other programs like the Preference settings in Dreamweaver etc. In Windows 8.1, this does not happen, but only in my Windows 8.
I remember there a way in XP to control the size of these applets or settings-windows, but am unable to find these in Windows 8 or any solutions on the net.
Do you know a fix?


I just grab the side of the window with my cursor so that it changes from an arrow to the double arrow and then slide the window larger. Once this is done it will stay this size so when you open that applet again it should be as you made it.

Also check your native resolution is set to the recommended settings.


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Try doing what you suggest to the WMP applet/window shown in the attachment.

Windows Media Player/Tools/Options/Rip Music.

You've misunderstood my question.. it has nothing to do with the resolution!

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