Windows 8 Windows 8 flop stunts PC sales


Extraordinary Robot
Jun 27, 2006
Microsoft's Windows 8 software appears to be driving buyers away from PCs and toward smartphones and tablets, research firm IDC said. That's leading to the fastest drop in PC sales the firm has ever seen.

Source: Yahoo! News

Yes. It has nothing to do with the rip-off prices that hard-drives delivered for 2 years after a flood affected a small percentage of production. It has nothing to do with RAM prices more than doubling in the last 6 months. Yes, it MUST be Win8.

But Win8's $35 opening and now its hundred-dollar increase DOES make it appear suspicious to shoppers with any recollection ability at all. "I'll wait until it's back to $35 again" is one knee-jerk response.

I don't think Win8's refusal to allow all kinds of User Customization is a big deal. The fact that they must decide, "Is this an App and a Start Screen, or is it a Program and a Desktop" only adds to so many other confusing issues. "I can't see Pale Cyan on White as a highlight color - why can't I change my own color schemes like I've done since Win95-B?" Well, because Ballmer can't make enough money allowing users to use their computers the way THEY want to.

Why doesn't everyone love benefiting Ballmer's pocketbook? That's the wave of the future! Love it or get left behind - become a Ballmer Subscriber!!