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Windows 8 Windows 8 freezing: A possible solution.

My Windows 8 keep on freezing up,,, my gmail freezes up too .. everything,, everyday,,, it's so frustrating.. can anybody help me.. or it's too slow ,, this is suppose to be a new and faster operating system... could of fool me.. or maybe im doing something wrong,, please ,, give some advice. of what to do.. thanks Judy
Hi Judy,

can you post the make and model of the machine your using? Also was Windows already installed or did you install it yourself, if so was it a upgrade or custom install?

Some things you could try.

Ccleaner: Will remove old files and clean temporary folders.

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Auslogics Disk Defrag: This will tidy up your hard drives although if your using SSD's don't use it.

Disk Defrag - Best Free Defrag Software For Your Hard Drive

Malwarebytes: Excellent at search & Destroy regarding malware.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - CNET Download.com

Make sure your Windows is fully updated by using the Windows Update utility found via the control panel. It's set to automatic by default but it's worth checking.