Windows 8 is "Terrible," Says Usability Expert Jakob Nielsen

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    I know there's a lot of people who will disagree with these reviews, but I don't!

    I've been a graphic designer for 50 years, most of what a graphic designer does is make things obvious and easy to understand.

    You can't take 15 minutes to get your message across. I've done everything from technical manuals for aircraft nav systems, catalogs of women's fashions, ( yes I got to direct the photo shoots, lol) and a zillion menus for restaurants all over the country.

    You should see me rant about the manuals you get with computer stuff, and every time we go out to eat I boar every one by critiquing the menu.

    I don't like the Metro UI.

    It's just not thought through, who decided that it was better to have to grab the top of the screen and drag it to the bottom then to just click a button to close minimize a or restore a window?

    Why can't I go click, click and have two windows open side by side, why can't I see the task bar when I'm in my browser?

    I often open Word, and drag text to it from browser windows, or drag information from someplace to my web page.

    Everything is harder to do in the Metro UI!

    I've gotten around most of the problems but right not the browser thing is driving me up the wall.
    It just makes it harder to do every thing.

    I'm going to install a year old version of Chrome on Friday, (turkey day tommorow) the version I was using on my old computer and see if that will make Windows 8 leave it alone.

    For the most part I like Windows 8, but they really should have a different version for PCs and pads.

    Now I'm tired, I'm writing this on my iPad, one letter at a time.
    I like this UI even less then W8, but I love my iPad.

    Back on Friday.

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    I see, "Windows 8 is "Terrible," Says Usability Expert Jakob Nielsen "

    All I will say is I completely & emphatically disagree. Mind you, I've only been using it for 11 months so, whada I know, eh? :friendly_wink:

    Not too mention it's fun, easy to use & cool what it'll do.

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    Mike, you can set IE to only use the Desktop Version. I also do not like the Modern, Win 8 Style, Metro version of IE.


    I have to agree with Drew. I very much enjoy Win 8 Pro. I do have to admit, I spend most of my time on the Desktop UI. If the article were just on the Win 8 Style UI, then I am not yet ready to render my judgment yet.
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