Windows 8 Partitioning Question

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    Maybe some information to help you decide how you want to handle the change.

    You don't have the 350 MB partition because the 100 MB partition was already there. As pagroundhog points out, you had to remove all prior partitions for Windows 8 to install its own partitions.

    The Hidden, System Recovery folder is currently located in your C: partition, as it is in Windows 7. The reason the Recovery partition is so large is because it needs around 172 MB of space for its files and images.

    Currently your Recovery system will probably work. If you use the bcdboot command to copy the BCD store from the Windows directory to the C: directory and make C: active, your system will boot. But the recovery process will no longer function. It will take a rebuild of that system, and it can be fairly complicated. But if you want to check, you might do a search for reagentc.exe and see how it works.

    If you were to get all of these things accomplished, moving the leading edge of a partition can be very dangerous, so you might loose your install anyway.

    I would suggest you reinstall and make sure to remove the prior partitions during the install. That way you will have what you want and everything will work.
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    @pagroundhog: I did not delete all partitions before doing a clean install of Windows 8, so I had to select what partition to install Windows 8 on.
    @Saltgrass: Thanks for the tips and help.

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