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Windows 8 Windows 8 price (Not Pro)


New Member
Jul 13, 2012
Hi all

I was wondering if the price for Consumer Windows 8 has been announced? I know that Windows 8 Pro will cost 40$ but i haven't heard anything about the regular Windows 8. This is just of pure curiosity, and i am sorry if this has been answered before, but i couldn't search it up, and a Google search just gives me the Windows 8 Pro price.

Thanks in advance :)

No upgrade offers have been announced (which I would take to mean none will be) for the basic consumer version of Windows 8. However, the Pro version only really adds new features, and for $39.99, I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't chose to take advantage of that deal. The Pro version is considered to be more for enthusiasts and businesses, including features like Bitlocker, virtualization, domain support and group policy access.