Windows 8 Windows 8 Users Get First Predictive Slide Keyboard With TouchPal Keyboard


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Jun 27, 2006
Chicago, IL
Award-winning application developer, CooTek , today announced the Windows 8 version of its free intelligent keyboard, TouchPal Keyboard. It features the same capabilities as CooTek's existing Android and ...

Source: Yahoo! News


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Mar 1, 2014
Hi all, I'm new to Windows 8.1 and have been trying to get TouchPal to work properly on my PC. I've installed it, but I cannot get the English language to show up. The instructions say English is installed by default but does not show up in my choices. The other languages I installed are in the keyboard menu and work fine, but the only English keyboard is the Windows 8.1 default. TouchPal English is not a choice. What am I doing wrong?
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