Windows an't load PROSet NIC driver, code 31, after "gray screen of death"?


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I've never heard of a "gray screen of death" either, but that's certainly what it looked like!

I'm working on a clean install of 64-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1U, and I'm mostly finished installing my apps. The major problem symptom is that all of a sudden, my Intel PROSet Ethernet Connection (2) 1218-V can't load it's drivers.

Here's the sequence of events...

(1) Finished installing Nero 2014 Ultimate updates, which required a reboot. NO hardware changes made.

(2) During that reboot, I see what would normally be a BSOD except the screen is definitely NOT blue! It looks more gray than anything (and my monitor is fine). The "GSOD" message is a new one on me as well, something like "SYSTEM_REGISTRATION_ERROR" or the like.

(3) When I boot up, even though I definitely have set it up to create a mini-dump on BSOD, there IS no mini-dump or even a full dump. I assure you it was simply not created!

(4) Now, all of a sudden, my 'Intel Ethernet Connection (2) 1218-V', the device manager reports: "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" Note that I've read that Code 31 errors are supposedly "easy" to fix, but I've tried the things these tech support pages suggest (such as uninstalling the drivers and re-installing the latest version, or rolling back the drivers, etc), but that has had NO effect!

One of the things I can't help thinking about is that the following Intel software is installed and running:
  • Intel Capability Licensing Service TCP IP Interface
  • Intel PROSet Monitoring Service - monitors changes to the system and updates affected network devices to keep them running in optimal condition
  • Intel Management and Security Application Local Management Service

Could any of those be related to the nasty "SYSTEM_REGISTRATION_ERROR" or whatever "GSOD"?

I realize you folks will need some data to work with, but ince I can't upload a dump, the best I could do was to save some specific event logs. I've zipped them up and uploaded them with this post.

Please, can anyone help me get my net-working again?



I am taking a leap of faith and saying that this card is an integrated network card? If it is then it bears me to think if the answer is yes, then your motherboard might have a small crack or flaw in it and communication is spotty between Windows and the integrated NIC. I am not eliminating the hard drive 100% (of errors) mind you, but I am thinking it is not the hard drive because you are not stating that everything else that you want loaded upon boot is not is, yes?

Also, those programs/services that you mentioned have you tried disabling them restarting and seeing what happens? Is your Windows an OEM copy or a retail copy? This should not really matter but I was curious.

As I am sitting here reading and hashing your conundrum as I write this (and if your NIC is integrated) try purchasing a new NIC card and removing all of that card's drivers and try a new WiFi card. Now, if you can go external I would recommend a dual band NIC so that when you decide to upgrade to a 5GHz router you have the best of both worlds. They are not that expensive because I needed a newer one because I was used to a 300Mbps throughput and the integrated WiFi N card of mine was a 150Mbps. I purchased a TP-Link N 600 TL-WDN3200 USB dongle. Never been happier.

Code 31 errors are rare (well for me, anyway, and I have had them but I was able to fix) and my thoughts keep bringing me back to say that your card might be defective. if you disable your NIC. Does Windows load flawlessly then?

Things that make you go hmmmm......

Hope this helps. Happy Holidays!

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