Windows Application for Automating Copying files


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Hi Everyone,

I would like an application that can store a list of files (with paths) that I specify from one source location and copy them to a destination folder (that I specify) on my computer when I indicate.

I don't want to do this though a command prompt or windows batch file.

For example my work keeps a bunch of sales quota files on a shared drive, each file represents a region (provinces , states etc.). I'd like to open an app and hit a button to have all of these files (some of them I don't want) copied over to a folder on my hard drive.

Anyone know of a , preferably free, GUI app in windows that does this?

I tried searching google for this and couldn't find what I was looking for so I thought I'd try asking.


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There are tons of file copy utilities. I can't say if any of them have the functionality you want.

If the source and destination locations are always the same this would be maybe three lines of Powershell. If you're on Windows 10 all you'd need to do is right click the Powershell file and select run.