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Windows 10 Windows Developers still drinking too much Diet Coke!


New Member
Dec 12, 2021
Whew! Using Microsoft operating systems from DOS to Windows, over the past forty years did not prepare me for the chaos created by Microsoft. I am very close to tossing the expensive Dell PC I purchased several years ago, and spending even more money on an Apple computer. The problem started when I upgraded to Windows 11 and hated it because of the basic elimination of a user friendly way to launch applications. I really missed the tiles. So, I reloaded Windows 10 from scratch because Windows 11 erased the ability to revert back to the previous Windows version.

Now all heck has broken lose with the way OneDrive is integrated into Windows 10 with ABSOLUTELY NO EXPLANATION TO THE END USER. I used to utilize backup software to backup to OneDrive, but now it is being done automatically, sort of. "Pictures" is only on OneDrive in the cloud but not in the OneDrive folder on my computer. Additionally, it seems all pictures from everywhere are being added to the folder. I do not know what to do except to start buying more hard drives to hold all the redundancy Microsoft Windows 10 and OneDrive is creating, and with absolutely no input or decision by the end user. What a disappointment. In order to keep the developers busy the end users are being screwed. Things have gotten so complicated there is no way to formulate a clear question to even ask support. And NO, support, you cannot remotely login to my computer.
Yes, so the reversions for windows 11 are definitely a bit wonky. You can try using sfc /scannow in CMD to try and look for issues.

Based on my experience, which admittedly isn’t a lot. People tend to gravitate toward re-installation, because even with a reset it can persist.

This may just be one-drive:

To interact with one drives settings you can right click the app in the bottom right of your screen, settings and in that tab you should have both syncing under account and the backup. You can manage backups from there, potentially disabling them.

Hope that works!