Windows 10 Windows family I F*cked it up


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So here we go.

When I first installed my laptop I didn't care so just jumped right in a made a stupid MS account, didn't look at the age. So today I try to change it because I just wanna download app and they adult promission. It didn't work because I needed a adult. So I made a second ms account, put my 1ste in the family thing and then... I couldn't change my birthday on my second account. So I thought f*CK it, I will use my 2 account on my laptop. Deleted the first account out of the family thing. Now everything is weird....

When I try to open chrome it asks me for promission of a adult. That's weird because my account is my second account, and there I am a adult.

So I made a local account, delete the second account.. still the same.

Switch back to my first account to see if I just ask permission to my second account. And now I don't get any email.. ofcourse because I don't have the whole family thing anymore.

Switch back to my second account.. still the same.

Made a totally new email and account.. still the same.

How the.... What can I do.

First! Its my fault not putting my birthday correct.
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There is a point in getting help to perform an professional installation of Windows, just like the ULTIMATE Windows 10 installation-guide from [SPAM REMOVED BY ADMIN] that makes sure you do not forget any steps or perform the steps in the wrong way, just like you have done...

Thus you would always had created 1: dedicated administrators account (so may rescue your/others account when something has gone wrong..) and 2: you would have created all accounts as Local accounts that you later on connect to your Microsoft-account..

I suggest that you: create a microsoft-account the proper way, and keep track of it´s password.
Then you should RESET your laptop, by entering Start-button, settings, Update & security, then go to: Recovery..
There you will find: Reset this PC, Get started, then choose: REMOVE EVERYTHING, and then follow the ULTIMATE windows 10 installation-guide from where the installation actually begins!

You simpy can not go wrong!
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