Windows 7 Windows Firewall Monitoring does not show all created predefined inbound rules


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May 31, 2017
I was looking at the monitoring display for windows firewall and I noticed that 13 of the predefined rules I created under the inbound rules were not shown. All of the rules are set to block.

My firewall is set to block all connection on inbound. Most of the related services are disabled, however I wouldn't think that should make a difference as I do see BrancheCache in the monitoring list and it is also a disabled service.

The predefined rule group sets that I do not see shown in windows firewall monitoring are below:

Distributed Transaction Controller
File and Printer Sharing
Iscsi Service
Key Management Service
Network Discovery
Performance Logs and Alerts
Snmp Trap
Windows Firewall Remote Management
Windows Management Instrumentation
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
Windows Remote Management
Wireless Portable Devices.
If the services are disabled there really isn't any point for the firewall rules.
I have the firewall rules in place for protection when the service gets enabled.

Is there any reason I don't see File and Printer Sharing, Key Management Service, Network Discovery, Windows Firewall Remote Management, Windows Management Instrumentation, or Wireless Portable Devices?
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eFirewall monitoring is working now. After plugging in my router, the list updated. I think the issue is having no detectable network connection on any of the system interfaces. Though, seeing the rules before plugging in any ethernet cables felt like the safer method to me.
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