Windows is forcing me to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7!!!!

Hi all,

I am being forced to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 by Windows! Please see the screen shot.

I didn't accept to upgrade. I do not want to upgrade. I did not click anything to upgrade. I am happy with Windows 7.

After looking at the screen shot, you will see Windows is only giving me the options of:
1. Start Upgrade Now
2. Schedule upgrade for an exact date and time (it states "the scheduled time can not be changed after this")

So, basically this is a forced upgrade!

I tried to "task manager close" this update window but it just reappears moments after. I don't see any other options other then "update it now or update it later at a specific time (which can not be changed).

Last night Windows automatically just started upgrading to Window 10. It didn't ask me if I wanted to. I didn't click on anything to upgrade. Nothing. In fact I stepped away from the computer but saw the upgrading in progress screen. It just tarted an automatic upgrade. After about 20 - 30 minutes when it upgraded, tried Windows 10 and don't like it. My video card acts weird on it. My screen flashes even after its fully installed and rebooted. I like my widgets that show my GPU, CPU, RAM and HD usage in real time so I know what's going on with my PC. Widgets are not allowed in Windows 10. I know a lot of the commands and locations for things in Windows 7 and I don't want to have them again. I have a feeling that more of my hardware is going to have an issue with Windows 10. After all these problems, I actually did a system restore to get Win 7 back last night. Now, today (less the 24 hours after the automatic upgrade) its forcing me to upgrade again by only giving me two options (both of which are to upgrade).

I may upgrade to Win 10 in a few years, but I don't want to be forced to do so now. Microsoft has been offering Windows 10 for free for a while now. If I had wanted it, I would have gotten it. I have seen the little window pop up saying "upgrade now for a limited time" almost daily. I see the advertisements on MSN's homepage to "upgrade now". Shouldn't it be my choice not forced if I want to upgrade? They are only giving me two options, both of which is to upgrade right now or in a few days. No option to "not upgrade" or "leave me alone"

I am frustrated about this. Any suggestions? The window to update is up right now as we speak.



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wow, that's bad. I kinda hate microsoft for this bull**it :/

wow, that's bad. I kinda hate microsoft for this bull**it :/
Yes, its bad.

Still have the screen open (see screenshot) telling me to either update now or later. No red X to close out of it. No actual "no" option. The only two options are update now or update later. If you read the screenshot you will see that the "update later" option can not be changed once set. Basically, it has to happen.

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