Windows Live account password is automatically memorized when making a purchase in the Windows Store

Platform: WIN 8.1 Spring Update

Using a local (domain) account to login to Windows

Using a MS Live account just for the purpose of installing Store apps

The first time you go to install a store app you are prompted for your Live account credentials. Once entered, the only choice is SAVE or CANCEL. Once SAVE is chosen Windows remembers the password and the user is not prompted next time they go to install a store app.

I want the user to be prompted every time. It seems earlier version of WIN8 allowed this. Can it still be done? I looked for a registry hack to prevent the Live password from being memorized but could find none.


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This sets the default but each user can still make up their own mind unless you put a proxy server between your system and the Microsoft store... be VERY sure before doing that because it opens a legal can of worms.

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If I go to your place... sit down on your computer and sign in the Microsoft store with MY Microsoft store account then do something else and come back to the store it will not ask me to sign in again unless I have logged off the computer.

The legal issue here is, I am resonable for any thing going wrong even thou I'm using your computer.

You may be answering a different question than the one I'm asking. Once I enter the Live account user name and password while logged on under a particular Windows account, I am never asked for the live password again... even if I log out from Windows as that user and log back in. Even after reboot, the live account does not prompt for password.

This is for a school, where the kids will have the password to log into Windows, but we don't want them installing store apps on their own. Again, once the teacher provides the live account password to install a store app it is memorized forever.



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On your Windows 8 machine.... Open the "Store"
Now evoke the "Charms" bar (Win Logo Key + the C key)
Click "Settings" and then "Your Account"
Just below the section labeled "Payment and billing info"
You should see a slider with a label of
"Always ask for your password when buying an app"
Slide it until it says "yes"

Does that work for your issue?

Yes 'Trouble', that did it. I did not realize that the charms bar was context sensitive. Thank you so much!


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Yes..... as far as I know each "App" has various settings available whenever you evoke the "Charms" Bar with that particular "App" running.
Thanks for posting back and updating your thread. Glad to hear that, that worked for you.

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