Windows Live Mail fails to start up correctly


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I saw the same but I am on WLM 11. You are on Windows Live 12?


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!2, but I have sorted out my customising now and the patch was accepted. I needed to uninstall the other items in Windows essentials. Whether or not it works - wait an see.


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Reopening this old thread.
I have had doubts about this information, since I first received it.
Although it seems to be addressed from an authentic source, its actual reliability seems to be in some doubt.
My own findings:
Chatting with my local rep, there seems to be little knowledge of this correspondence in the Microsoft circles ??
The original Email dos not seem to exist any longer in my on line live outlook archives ??
WLM is a standalone, freeware program. Unless MS tamper with it, there is no reason to expect it to stop working.
imho, assuming its authenticity, MS have blundered with the specific contents. The hotfix which the mail links to, is only intended for 32 bit installations. It is also only meant to be applied to users running Windows 7 through 8. Applying it to Windows 10, as I did in haste, can result in irreversible problems with the WLM on your desktops, which probably will then require a reinstall.

Interesting and informative reading:

Avoid Windows Live Mail 2012 patch KB 3093594 -- it freezes Windows

In the second link, have a quick look at the link to the knowledge base.

In a nutshell. Forget it.


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Thanks for posting this update Davehc... I'm having issues with another Microsoft patch and Adobe right now so this does not come as the shock it should.
ref = YouTube embedding continues to crash the app. | Adobe Community

p.s, My standard practice now days is to stop Microsoft patching any system until you have a solid backup image ready to roll your system back on.


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I've never used WLM but in Outlook if your pst archive files start getting larger than 2GB they start to become unstable and it also takes a while to unload them resulting in a "Not Responding" while closing. Are you able to break up your old archive email in separate files and just detach all the older items?


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Storage is not a problem with WLM.
As I said in an earlier post, I have never had problems with it opening slowly - or not at all. Such an occurrence, I would pin down to the email server, rather than the desktop Live mail - or a connection problem.

My wife, notoriously ignorant of the ins and outs of computer usage, currently has something like 4 to 5gbs of outdated mail in her program. She still doesn't experience any problems with it - except to try and find an old Email. LOL

I see it's over 6 weeks since I started this thread and still the problem exists (for me and no doubt lots of other people - including some folks posting here). I have now put a short cut on my desktop to go directly to Windows Live Essentials Remove / Repair. Repairing works 90%+ of the time, so whatever it fixes, stays fixed all the time the PC is still on (including in sleep mode) but the problem returns on a fresh startup.

I have heard that for some folks, removing the other Live Essentials programs has fixed some WLM problems. Since I don't use the other programs, I'll try that and report back.

I have also heard from a Microsoft Insider that Microsoft are withdrawing support for WLM and encouraging you to move to Windows 10 Mail. Does anybody know how to set up local message folders / storage in Windows Mail? I've never tried it, but I believe it is 'cloud-based' only - in-line with Microsoft's aim of getting everything cloud-base. (Not much good if your trying to check your email messages whist halving a picknic in a country park!)


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Withdrawing support is meaningless, in this context.
It does not mean that it will cease to function. It is a freestanding, and relatively simple, program with the one and only task of fetching your Email from your providers.
Lack of support was withdrawn, essentially, a couple of years ago. It merely means that you will not have any security updates (I never have had such), and on line help is nor provided.
I am still using it, previously, and throughout this thread, without the slightest problem.

I think (fingers crossed) I've cracked this issue. On another Forum web site, someone suggested that the problem might be caused by other elements of Windows Essentials. Since the only other program in Windows Essentials that I use is Messenger (and that only very rarely) I removed the remaining programs. So far, the black bar (in place of the tools bar) has not appeared on starting the PC from 'cold'.

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