Windows Media Center (WMC) and Media Player (WMP) HD Sync, better video tutorial

Hello everyone. Here is a simple tutorial made to fix sync issues in Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. It affects both programs and works amazing. Perfect sync for all HD type videos: .m2ts, .ts, .mkv, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, everything.

The default decoder plain out messes up in certain instances and losses sync, so we need to use the Registry Editor (type regedit in the start menu then press enter) to alter which PreferredMPEG2VideoDecoderCLSID will be used. In certain IVTC files, the video will play at 24 fps but a the decreased time....meaning it speeds up the video when it should not....and the audio maintains to play at the correct speed. This means obvious sync issues. We can fix this and have better quality video as a result as well.

Despite MPEG2 being in that entry, it works for MPEG2 and also MPEG4-AVC x.264, and possibly others as to me they remain untested as of this writing.

For this tutorial, you should already have PowerDVD 10 installed and able to use on your system as normal. It is highly suggested to have video acceleration enabled in the video settings of PowerDVD (ATI Avivo or NVIDIA Pure Video.)

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Decoder

in Regedit. Export the entire key so you have a backup. Then right click on PreferredMPEG2VideoDecoderCLSID and choose modify. Then copy paste this string to tell it to use the PowerDVD10 video decoder instead:


Click ok to save. If the WMC or WMP is opened, close it and restart (Or simply open.)

Now all the HD videos that did not play perfectly on the system will work amazing.



In my attachments are two things.

1) A registry file that when merged, will allow .mkv files to be seen by WMC and WMP.

2) A small software program that shows you all the codecs on the system and what their
CLSIDs are so you can copy and paste them if you want to use any other, instead.


Please comment on your success and/or experience and again, enjoy!


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