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I downloaded a couple of movies and when I tried to play it I get a message to download webxvid codec to watch it. I download a codec-setup-123 but it still doesn't play the videos.I think it was just a scam cause nothing happens,is there a way to play this video?

Where did you download the movies from?

kickass torrents...just read that webxvid is a scam


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Here would be my 2 cents of recommendations:

1. Stay away from torrents. They are a gateway for malware.

2. Do not put Codec packs on your system.. Many of those packs are an assembly of code from many sources and they often throw a monkey wrench into your system. If you absolutely have to have a codec, get it from Shark007. This man knows what he is doing and will not provide shoddy code.

3. VLC is usually a good bet to play any video file without any additional codecs.

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