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I’m trying to stream music to other computers and mediadevices on the network. I have 2 x W7 PC and 2 x W7 laptop. Laptops can pushmusic to other PCs and to media player, but PC’s won't, although they canreceive from laptop. When I select ‘Play To’ in Media Player, the dialog boxdoes not appear – well is does for a split second then disappears. PCs are 64bit with IE9, laptops 32bit with IE9. All settings checked and the same. Anyidea? Laptops are wireless, PCs on ethernet.

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Please verify that media streaming is turned on in the Control Panel and that the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service is running in the services.msc dialog. If both of these are enabled, try turning off all media features in the "Turn Windows features on or off" area, rebooting, re-enabling and restarting again. Please post your results :)

Thanks for the feedback.
I had already removed and re-installted WMP in the 'Turn features on or off', with no change. WMPNetworkSvc is running.

Hear's some further details however - on my main PC I have four user accounts. Most of them are little used as they are for the rest of the family, who now all have laptops. If I log on the the main PC in another user account, it works fine.
The other PC is my 'media' PC, with only one user account. So, I created a new user account - and on that account it works fine.
So i'm guessing it may be some other program that is installed, that I use but others don't, that is somehow screwing WMP up.
The Media PC does not have many programs on, as it's just for storing media and having a PC available on the TV. But there is one that is installed and used on both, (but not by other users on the main PC) and that's Cyberlink PowerDVD 10. Not gone as far as uninstalling this yet - may try actually running it on the new Media PC account and then see if that screws up the sharing.
If not I may just use the new user account and delete the old one. I'm not too worried about the main PC - its the media one I want it to work from. Also considering getting a Sony Tablet S to do 'the pushng'.


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Open Control Panel>>Network & Sharing Center>>Change Homegroup Sharing Settings. Assuming the network service is working properly, you should be able to configure media streaming from here as well. Click "Change Advanced Settings" if you need more options.

Been through all that already and it's fine. I don't think its a sharing issue, if it was the dialog box would still come up when I 'Play To' and it would report an error. The dialog box starts to open, but the closes instantaneously.
I don't think its a setup error in any way, I'm sure something is screwed in WMP - maybe something in the registry. Think I'll have to resign myself to using a new user account.

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