Windows Movie Maker 2.6 Enhancement Pack 2010

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Nov 4, 2009
Windows® Movie Maker 2.6 Enhancement Pack 2010

Have you ever wanted to make an awesome video? You know, something eye-catching that can be used for a school project or that big presentation you were supposed to do. Well wait no longer. Introducing the Windows® Movie Maker Enhancement Pack 2010, bundled with hundreds of new video effects, transitions, and credits. For those of you that don’t know, Microsoft created Windows® Movie Maker 2 with the ability to handle custom-make effects, transitions, and titles. If you search the web you can find authors of many custom-made effects to use in your videos. The problem is they can be difficult to find. Over a long period I scavenged to web, looking for exciting and appealing effects. Here are some of the features included with the pack:
  • Expands the effects library to over 400 animations
  • Expands the transitions library to a total of 75 animations
  • Expands the credits library with new effects and title overlays including:
    • 8 Light Burst Effects
    • 6 TV Ratings
    • CNN Ticker Tape
    • TV Station Logos
    • Letter Boxing Effects
    • And much more
  • A modified interface resembling that of Windows® Movie Maker 6 Beta 2
  • New rendering profiles that allow 1080p and 720p resolutions
For more info, go to my main blog post at:


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Does anyone has a working link to download this Movie Maker Enhancement Pack, please?
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