Windows phone, Nokia Lumia 635, unable to set up email

Brand new phone out of the box yesterday.Virgin Media is my provider, phone is on O2. Trying to set my NTL world email up with no success, I just get a message saying it needs attention. Spent the morning online with O2. no success, this afternoon was with Virgin, no success, they pointed me in Windows direction who replied I MIGHT find the answer on the moment I'm thinking of sending the phone back, any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated........I'M NOT A TECHIE! Thank you -Polly


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Trying to set my NTL world email up
Not familiar with that particular email host. Is it a normal IMAP provider or is it strictly pop3 / smtp?
Do you have a Gmail or Microsoft ( or account? Have you tried to set either of those up?
Maybe that would at least narrow it down and you could determine if the problem is the phone, the app or the email host.

EDIT: Additionally, when you get a new phone it very much like getting a new computer, you want to make sure that you have all the latest updates.
OTA Firmware from the carrier, any updates for your Windows version and also the Store may have updates as well for the various apps, including "mail"

Hi, it's pop3 etc...sorry before Richard Branson bought it out and changed it to Virgin Media, it was ntlworld could change the email to Virgin or keep the old one, I chose to keep it. Yes I have gmail account, that set up in 2 minutes, no problem but I used that for a PSP course ...all my contacts have my NTL world addy. The helpline at O2 old me to take it to the O2 shop to get the settings checked, annoying because I'm some miles away! Everything else seems to be working fine...just this problem
Just had to google OTA Firmware.....never heard of that, as I said am not a techie. Annoying to be told to take it to the shop though...
thank you for your reply....hate to give up!


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Setting up pop3 and smtp on a windows phone can be aggravating, it can be done you just have to scroll and make sure you're referencing the correct setting for the pop and smtp server as well as the proper ports that they require and the security if it is required SSL or TLS or none, etc.
If you have the account configured in Outlook or Thunderbird or other email client on an actual computer, the settings on your windows phone should be identical.

Yes, and that's EXACTLY what I email is on 2 pcs, a tablet and 2 old phones.......but it says not. It just asks for my username and password, and the Virgin people checked my info with theirs and it's all the same. They told me if it wasn't a windows phone they could look into it, but because it IS windows, their security stops any "delving" .
I haven't got (or at least found anywhere) where I can see the actual set up, ie the ports etc.
I use Windows Live mail on my laptop


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I supect your Windows phone assumes the virgin settings but that your old account needs something special. On new Windows phones getting too older email severs it's offen best to turn off the padlock i.e. unticking 'My outgoing server requires authentication'... sometimes gets around the blockage.

So for a new "advanced setup" email;
put the email address and password in,
sellect the server type from "exchange activesync" or "internet email"... I assume "internet" here
these settings will depend on your account but they are online here
imo the important setting is to untick, "outgoing server requires authentication"

sorry for the delay....I'm not sure what I'm doing...please be patient...first
NTLworld says information is incorrect and attention required

now NTLworld 2 which has come up after trying to follow your instructions (sorry I don't know where things first smart phone) says not up to date....
will have to come back to this tomorrow.....too tired to follow now.
I don't get the set up actually in my screen..(the info on your link).if it's there somewhere I don't know how to find it.

ok.....I managed to find everything...I've followed all your instructions to the letter...signed in

got a message pop up to say there is already an account...(my email address comes up) on this phone. Checked the icons...same message as above...first needs attention, 2nd not up to date.
says "last tried 18 minutes ago, error code 80072EFD"
I have no idea.........

this error is a Windows update error....I still have no idea
can anyone help please?


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...first needs attention, 2nd not up to date.
1st email needs attention or the phone itself needs updates?

That code is the update server was blocked by a firewall or proxy/ service... the ports are 80 and 443 which are stock standard everywhere on the internet so thats very weard your setup is blocked.

Where did you try to conect from... a house (firewall) or a school (proxy) or someplace else?

I have NO won't set up...this is my home, I've checked for updates, it says the phone is up to date... also says in my previous post that the account I am trying to set up is already registered to this in UK sorry have only just seen this.
I only received the phone on Monday.....not very promising if Windows is preventing me from setting the email up on a windows phone...just worrying about future windows updates
I don't know if my phone has a firewall, I have Windows defender on my laptop??/
as I also said, am NOT a techie...and not very familiar with all the jargon.

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..gave constructive help, so returned the phone...this windows error has been complained about since at least 20211.....pity it doesn't tell you about it in the reviews

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