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I have a Windows server and previously was able to connect (RDP) to it with the hostname without any issues. Now I cannot RDP to it with the hostname, but can RDP with the IP address. The server is the DNS server, I am able to ping it with the hostname (meaning there are no NDS issues). The server replies with its legit IP address ( and the machine I'm pinging from has an IP address, so there is no IP conflict. When I try to RDP to it with its hostname I get the following error: 'Your computer could not connect to another console session on the remote computer because you already have a console session in progress'.

I have tried QWINSTA and RWINSTA on both machines (locally and remotely), flushed the DNS on both machines and have restarted both with no luck. I would appreciate it if someone could help with this.

Thank you.


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Have you killed any active sessions? Server only allows 2 connections unless you have the RDS role with RDS cals