Windows Server 2008 Standard Test Mode Watermark

Discussion in 'Windows Server Forums' started by nato, Jul 8, 2014.

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    Hi Guys

    First Ill explain what I did

    I am running Ubuntu with a virtual Windows Server 2008. The virtual machine has the word test mode at each section of the screen, not really sure how it got there but I intended on removing it.

    I performed some research on this matter and used bcdedit as the multiple forums had suggested in order to get rid of it.

    I proceeded to shut down my virtual machine and restart it again, when it restarted, I found that I could not get access to it.

    So i used virt-viewer to look at my Server2008. It seemed ok, but it had lost its virtual network adapter.

    After working on it for about an hour or two yesteday, I decided to undo what I did with bcdedit, restarted the virtual machine at that point and it is now working again.

    My question is why would it have done this, after gathering information from the internet on how to remove the test mode, it seem to fall over in a heap when I did it.

    How can I remove the test mode watermark without this happening again?
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    This can happen if you have unsigned drivers installed for a device, browse through device manager and look at the devices to see which might be the culprit.

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