windows server

  1. B

    PS Script to sync with local WSUS

    Hello, We are trying to build a powershell script which will be executed on any client which should be able to search/install windows updates from a wsus server which resides in our network but it is not the default option in the clients configuration. The severs are configured with let's say...
  2. Naftali

    Windows server - How to manage Synology NAS using FSRM ?

    How to manage Synology NAS using FSRM? For a school project, I've build a file server using windows server for "permission" et Synalogy NAS to stock folders. I want to know if there have a way to manage my shared folders from my windows server. Each user got folders named by her username, and...
  3. J

    SETTING UP AN SSTP VPN SERVER (cannot establish the connection)

    Hello there! Today I wanted to do some labs of SSTP Windows Server VPN. What I have done so far, it’s to build a Windows server 2019 as a Domain Controller and as a Certificate Authority From my CA I have created a self-signed server certificate in order to install it on my Windows Desktop...
  4. S

    Can not convert bios boot setting from legacy to UEFI, even though my disk is GPT.

    After trying to convert my Supermicro motherboard bios to use UEFI instead of legacy boot, I was not able to boot to windows server 2019 and my disk partition style is indeed GPT. I had to revert back to legacy. Should I re-install windows, I would really like to avoid this if possible. This is...
  5. F

    RDP authentication using Certificates only

    I have two computers - one configured with Windows Server and the other with a Linux distribution. It's easily doable to start a RDP connection from the Linux client, using the Windows Server user credentials. What I need is to authenticate from linux using certificates, public/private keys. As...
  6. Narey

    Domain Controller Can't Access Sub Domains

    Hello everyone! I have a domain controller that manages around 10 machines at the moment. The DC name use to be company, which was the same as our website. This meant that when trying to access our website from DC computers, it wouldn't load due to the conflicting DNS records...
  7. computehelp

    How To Clean Install Windows Server 2016 - Step by Step Guide

    This video tutorial shows you How To Clean Install Windows Server 2016 in VirtualBox on Windows 10 PC. This procedure also works for installation Windows Server 2016 on real physical computer or physical server :) Hope, this video guide will help :)
  8. R

    Cannot access shared resources through VPN - Windows Server 2008

    Having an issue with a VPN. The VPN is a basic PPTP VPN which is setup on our Firewall, for a user to connect the simply create a new VPN point it to our IP and log in with a username and password. The test machine im using is a laptop running Windows 7 64-BIT Professional. I can connect to...
  9. A

    Windows 7 Network Problems

    Hello! i am using windows 7 with two different networks ( - private server running windows server 2003) & ( - Internet ). My IP settings are listed as follows: -----------------------IP SETTINGS---------------------------- DHCP ENABLED : NO IPv4 ADDRESS : 192.168.1.XXX...
  10. A

    black desktop and grey taskbar after reimaging the server

    Hi We have a scripted process that takes an Windows 2012 R2 image -> Deploy the server from this image -> run sysprep on the server -> shutdown the server -> Take an image(second image) of the server. For some strange reason, the machines deployed from the second image all have black color...
  11. How to Configure Windows Server 2008 R2

    How to Configure Windows Server 2008 R2

    Download Windows Server: Extensive Configuration. Installing Active Directory and Domain Name Services. Creating and configuring the Active Directory forest. Global Primary Domain Controller Setup...
  12. How to Install Windows Server 2008 R2

    How to Install Windows Server 2008 R2

    Download Windows Server: A thorough walkthrough of how to do a clean installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. In this walkthrough, we use Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition. This...