Domain Controller Can't Access Sub Domains


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Hello everyone!

I have a domain controller that manages around 10 machines at the moment. The DC name use to be company, which was the same as our website. This meant that when trying to access our website from DC computers, it wouldn't load due to the conflicting DNS records (pointed to the server rather than the correct web address). I then added a www record and set the website IP which did load the webpage, but was incredibly slow.

In the end, since this is a demo and is only running 10 machines, I just renamed the entire DC and updated all the group policies to company name.local, we can now access our website again with speed, just like it is without a Domain Controller.

However, when we try to access a subdomain such as (we have a learning platform that we host client modules on), it doesn't work and can't display the page.

Can anyone think why this is happening, and how we can resolve this? The DC shouldn't even link to a domain anymore (as it is .local) and now the main website is loading properly, I thought because the domain works, subdomains should work fine too, but obviously not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.