Windows Server 2012 R2


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Hello Everyone,

I am currently tasked to have windows server up and ready on a white box solution bought by a client.


I was able to install it without any problems.
The system configuration is mentioned below
- Intel Atom E3845
- 4 gigabit intel-i211 NIC adapters.
- 8 GB RAM
- 32 GB SSD

I was able to install windows 2012 R2 without any problems. Now for connectivity I have provided a static IP to interface 1 (LAN 1) from my ISP router (

I am trying to test DHCP server on it and would like to do it on interface 2 (LAN 2).

How can I do it? Is there a way to do it? Kindly let me know as I am confused how to proceed.

Getting this to work in a firewall like Pfsense or Sophos is not a problem but for this I appreciate the help.


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In the DHCP console you would just right click the server name and select "Add/Remove Bindings" and select the interface you want to bind on (which interface offers DHCP addresses)


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I was able to find the option but at first I was not able to locate it. I had to prioritize the network interface cards in order for the DHCP server to start working.I have two issues to deal with now. Since I have 4 Network Interface Cards, when I access the DHCP console I don't see the domain name under DHCP I see garbage like 169.x.x.x under it is IPv4 and IPv6.

Whenever I disable the remaining unused network adapters and refresh then I see my domain name. Is there any permanent solution to this?

Since now I am able to get DHCP assigning IP to my system but its not letting me get internet access.

How can I achieve internet access?