Windows Server DHCP can't connect from phone


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Good day, dear colleagues. We have a Windows Server setup in our workplace. The structure is the following: the FTTB cable comes into the server, then one LAN cable goes into access point #1 which, at the same time, distributes other LAN cables to access point #2, #3, etc. I have set up Routing and DHCP on Windows Server and given the - subnet for automatic IP distribution. Access Points use static IPs and their ones are excluded from distribution. Windows Server's ip - Access point #2 - ... #3 - ... 5 and then all ips from are distributed. Everything works fine until some day when we leave the workplace and come the following day, our phones won't connect to Wi-Fi, however, our laptops can! Unless I restart both the access point #1 and windows server at the same time, we won't be able to connect. What I did wrong in the setting the server up? How to fix that?