Windows shares and other network relating things happening


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I am having some issues with my computer that have been annoying me for a long time now and am wondering if anyone could lend a hand. Here are the problems.

1. The nework shares seem to stop working on all devices except for my other windows 7 machines. When I'm using another windows 7 machine I don't have this problem. But all my other devices including Android, Linux, and XBMC all lose the connection to the computer. They can't see the computer. They can see other computers and connect to other computers on the network, but just not that one. I know the computer is still on the network. I can remote in using the ip address using windows built in remote access. Plus other services are clearly working like my internal mysql server, website, ect. Just not the Windows shares.

Currently I have these shares setup for everyone to read/write/modify but I also have my own personal account. When i try to log via smb shares with the username/password it tells me there is a problem with the username/password. When I log in anonymously it just says it can't connect. I'm trying to connect using the ip address of the computer and it fails.

This all gets fixed after I restart my machine but I know after anywhere between a day or two the issue will startup again.

2. At the same time as the problem above I can't connect via hostname/computer. I have to connect using the IP address if I wanted to connect to anything on the system. This includes mysql, and remote access. When I type in my computer name "server" it says it can't find the computer on the network.

Then when I reboot the computer I can start to connect using the hostname/computer again.

I have windows 7 64 bit. It's a new i5 that I put together 8 months ago. It is fully up to date with service packs and security updates.

Initially I thought it might be router related so I replaced it and the problem still continues. But I have no idea what to begin looking into it. This problem has been been occurring for some time now. Does anyone have any idea what it could be or how I can start to troubleshoot the issue. Is there logs or apps I can use to tell me how far it is trying to get to the share or a program that will give me a specific error message? Perhaps help me layout a path to troubleshooting the issue.

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