Windows Store App Security Updates


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Jun 27, 2006
Chicago, IL
We are committed to adapting our policies as the world evolves and with the new Windows Store, we evaluated how to best release security updates for Windows Store apps. Our goal is to have a quick, transparent and painless security update process. With this in mind, we will deliver high quality security updates for Windows Store apps as they become available. Providing security updates to Windows Store apps more frequently will allow us to add new functionality, fix issues and improve security. This will also help developers to avoid introducing new issues during the update process.
To ensure transparency, we will document all security updates for Windows Store apps in a security advisory, which we will revise with each new security update release. The security update process itself will be identical to that of any other Windows Store app update—customers will simply click on the store tile and select the update.
You can read the full description of the new Windows Store App Updates Policy over on TechNet.
Mike Reavey
Senior Director, MSRC
Microsoft Trustworthy Computing


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