Windows stuck after login


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Since this afternoon, my Windows 7 laptop won't startup properly. The boot is completet, just as the login, but after that, when all the services seem to be loaded, Windows doesn't react to anything. This used to work the last 2 months and also before that, but around 2 month ago I reinstalled Windows 7 because I often had a BsoD, but that is as good as solved.
It seems that my laptop didn't made any System Restore Points and I'm not able to create one either. Luckely, I had installed Linux Ubuntu with Wubi, so I'm do have a OS to use while Windows isn't able to be used.
I also tried "chkdsk", but it turned out that there were no errors.
So my question is:
How do I get Windows running again properly?

Windows 7 Home Premiun x86
Asus X71Q
4GB RAM (3GB available)
2.0 Ghz Duo Intel Pentium Inside
128 MB vRAM Intel Family Chipset
Installed Linux Ubuntu Unity (11.04) with Wubi on 2nd partition of 194 Gigs, 74 used.
My main drive is my Windows drive, 38 Gigs total, 30 used.


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So as you said, I did, but it did not work.
It took a little bit more than a half an hour, but at least I tried.
I'd did not work :(
The only thing windows 7 wants to do is run system repair when I select windows to start up.
There's not even time to hit F8 after choosing W7.
So, any suggestions left?

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