Windows Time Not Synchronized After Sleep, Restart, or Shutdown

Exactly what the titles says.
I started to notice a change with the clock every now and then. I finally concluded that the clock does not change during sleep, restart, or shutdown.
My computer goes to sleep often, and when it wakes up from sleep, the time is the same as when it was prior to sleeping, not synchronizing to the correct time after waking up.

I've done some research and I fell onto the official Windows thread where they explained the use of third-party-utility will cause this problem.

The big problem here is that I don't have the single clue which ones. I tried uninstalling some, not sure if I left any utilities out. I'm stumped.

The utilities I've used are the general ones for visual styles and themes.

So, here I am.

Any ideas? I'm running Windows 8.1.


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I suppose checking the clock in the Bios is a good place to start. Is it current and updating? Usually when the clock seems to be not keeping time, it can be linked back to a bad CMOS battery on the motherboard. I am not sure if this is your situation, but if the actual bios time is incorrect, it could be.

I have seen some clock changes when I was dual booting with another OS. But I don't remember seeing any changes caused by third party software, but of course I don't run all of them.

Do you have your system set to sync to the Internet time, and can you get it to update manually?

I doubt it being the battery of the motherboard because the motherboard I've bought is new.

Yes, my system is set to sync to the internet time, and I CAN update it manually, only if the time is close to real time.

For example, if the time is 2PM, and my computers time is 6AM, then my computer would not be able to sync properly.


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I am not sure what else to suggest. If you have checked your Bios time and you are using the correct time zone, you should not be seeing those problems.

I suppose there is still a possibility of a third party application being involved, but you will have to track that down yourself. There may also be a possibility the system has some type of fault on the motherboard.

I have not checked to see if my system will sync to internet time if it is more that so many hours off, so I can't say it might not be normal. Does the time seem to show any dependance on how long the computer slept or if it had been completely shutdown?

Whelp, thanks for your input and help!
It's appreciated.


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I had to change my CMOS battery a few weeks after putting my new motherboard in. Not saying that is your trouble but you might want to go ahead and change it. One way to eliminate it as the problem.

Meep, I'll check in on that then. Thanks, Sonny!

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