Windows unable to start after computer being shut off overnight

Yes, it is definitely possible Avast! was not the problem. I was grasping at straws for ya because the crash dump only showed a small fraction of drivers. I mentioned the only thing I was able to. In any case, you're in a better position now probably, to post a new crash dump if and when it happens.

It's likely a RAM or hdd problem. Update your video card driver to latest from or, depending on your card brand.

Hi, I am also having this issue. New system built yesterday, everything ran perfectly until this morning. The only way I could get it to boot was the turning off the PSU and turning it on method posted here. Here are 2 minidumps from the system, I'm trying to find out the correct RAM timings at the moment so that I can play with those.

View attachment 092410-34187-01.dmp
View attachment 092410-35890-01.dmp

I am having same problem with a refurbished Dell E6430 notebook I bought on Ebay. I have reloaded Win 7 a couple times now. Everything is fine till next morning. Get a BOSD that either flashes by or stays, then goes into repair mode. Today I turned off automatic updates and I have uninstalled the Nvida drivers and turned off Optimus in the BIOS. I remember problems with Optimus in the past. I have flashed latest BIOS and fresh install of latest drivers from Dell in the order they recommend.

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