Windows Vista RC2 Logon Music

I dont know if anyone else has same as i do but when i log onto vista i Hear the windows Xp logon music lol. I find That a little weird! And when you load Vista There's no logo (At start). Ither than that i love vista espeacialy the voice command features. I was wondering one thing bout vista voice command. Is there a way to use the voice commands on windows live messenger? cause i tryed getting it to type what i say but it never works out it says commands not accepted or sumthing like that. Another little problem i have is my video tuner card is not supported with vista. I tryed installing drivers but it never found the tuner card, i even looked in device manager and did'nt see it. But Like i said those are miner things. I'm lucky my computer is rated 5/5 with vista so no probs here.



lol same issue, I even changed the log on sound and it still plays it befor the one I put in.


LOL they really screwed that one for us lol.

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