Windows XP can see Windows 7 but W7 cant see XP

Ok, I have tried everything I know of. My XP machine can see/access my windows 7 machine BUT the windows 7 machine cannot see the XP. Both machines can ping each other. the Win. 7 is running mcafee free trial they give you and the XP is running Norton. Turned off both firewalls, no luck. I have seen a lot of the same problems on here. Also, they are in the same workgroup, discovery is on ..etc. all the things that should be done are done. One weird thing though is that I was able to see the XP machine when i refreshed it, but when I pressed refresh again it was gone never to return. no settings were changed in that time from when it came up to when it went away.



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First, you can try this fix:
Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP

Check out this thread for some things to check on the xp machine.
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Can you ping the xp by name from the windows 7 computer? If not then its a simple DNS issue.

At search type cmd and in the cmd box simply type ping and something to ping like it will send 4 packets to google and when they get there they will come back it will look like this: The smaller the numbers in min & max the better your connection is. you can also ping an ip if you know it

Your ip is provided by the isp outside the router and inside by the router since its giving you your inside ip (something like so the router has to translate ip to machine name this is called DNS. once the router has ip=machine it know that when you ask for my pc you mean ip and replies. Every time you reboot the router it looses that unless you put the machines MAC address into the routing table. try it. reboot the router and ping its name it wont work until your ping its ip then it will.

A temp solution: What about mapping network drives as an alternate solution? Instead of clicking on the computer you only have to type its hostname like \\hostname

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I cannot map the XP from windows 7 because when I go to map network drive to say, make it the Z: it cannot see the XP machine to do that. They can ping back and forth just fine

Remove the share and add it back again making sure to open to all users, a chance it'll do the trick.

You may also want to try Windows 2000-like sharing and security:

Microsoft Management Console (MMC) > Local Security Policy snap-in > Expand the Local Policies branch and select Security Options > Double-click 'Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts' > select 'Classic-Local users authenticate as themselves' > OK.

Close and reboot.

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