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    I miss being able to watch videos in full screen on my t.v. (second monitor). In Vista and Windows 7 it works in terms of video, but the audio is not recognizable. Something to do with DRM? Anyway, I was wondering if I could load my XP video card driver into XP compatibility mode so I could enjoy this experience within Windows 7. Probably too good to be true.
    Does anybody have any thoughts on this, or should I just try it?

    Thanks, Gordon
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    In order for your computer to use Windows XP mode, you have to have a processor that supports hardware assisted virtualization .

    Microsoft has a tool that will check to see if your processor is able to do this. Here is a link

    Keep in mind that Windows XP mode is actually running a copy of Virtual PC. I have not tried the newest version of VPC but I know back in the day when I tried it out, it was a lot like using VMWare and watching video was not really a possibility. I have yet to try XP mode on my PC due to the fact that my processor does not support hardware assisted virtualization, but if your processor does support this feature it may be worth trying to see if it will allow you to watch full screen movies.

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