Windows XP Windows XP to stoping being Sold June 30


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As per Microsoft's posted timetable, the company will stop licensing Windows XP to OEMs and terminate retail sales of the operating system June 30, 2008, 17 months after the release of Windows Vista.

Well, looks like it's time to upgrade to Vista. I think Vista has matured to the point that it is very usable, and we need to face it, XP is outdated and less secure than Vista, plus has a lot of less features.
Yeah I bet that's BS. The majority of people are using Windows XP. And besides, 95 was supported for 5 years +.
I won't be migrating to Vista.
My XP is plenty secure, and I transfer too many files for it to be worthwhile.
Damn Vista Explorer! lol
Well, XP will be supported till 2013 I think, but they will stop selling it by then. So XP users can go along as normal till 2013, just that you can't buy a new copy of XP past June 30.

Anyway, file transfer seems fine in Vista to me, so if that was a bug, it's been fixed.
It breaks on big files, and sometimes looses the files.
It still occurs on my Vista SP1 install on my Laptop.
I handle a lot of HD Movies, so it's quite common to see 2 GB+ files on all my PCs.
heh, i think this will either make Vista more popular,or it will be a major wind in the back on mac/linux sales...
might be risky...
I don't think that many people will switch to Macs or linux. Neither of them work with a lot of the software that people use. For example, I use a program called AnvilStudio, and I can't find an alternative for it for macs or linux that is free. WLM, they have it for macs, but it's not as good as the one in windows.