Windows 10 Windows10 ISO validation and installation


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Users from the Russian Federation can currently get iso only through the windows media creation tool service. And since microsoft does not provide checksums, there is no way to check the created image, moreover, the checksums of the files vary with each new launch. Based on the above, I have a few questions: Is this behavior of the media creation tool normal? Is there an official checksum list of installation images? Is there a way to force the media creation tool to predictably create an image of the specified version?

As a result of a motherboard failure and a long search for a replacement, I found myself in a situation where I simply do not have windows 10 iso. Windows 7 was left without support and the behavior of the media creation tool is hardly trustworthy. I will be glad of any help, and apologize for the machine translation.

yes its normal but I don't know if any list of checks has been pubbed

the only way to force it would be a hard copy stored on a special harddrive that you get from Microsoft and that is what happens when Microsoft gives you a licence to make refurbished systems