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Windows 8 Windows8 won't start. KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE


New Member
Mar 12, 2013
Hi to all, my windows8 won't start anymore after many months of use.
It shows me many horizontal noisy lines and it says me in a blue screen with a smile ":(": KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE

When i tried to boot while pressing ALT+F8 it plays a loud long "beepeeepeeepeep", shows:
"preparating for automatic restore", noisy lines, blue screen with smile ":(" and restart automatically from zero.

How can i understand which is the problem?
I thought could be the RAM broken. Possible? Tomorrow i'll try to replace it.
Thanks to all.
What is the make and model of your system?
What operating system came with it originally?

What happens if you boot from the installation media (DVD/USB)?
Can you get to "Repair this computer" in the lower left corner of the second screen? (Don't go past the second screen as it'll wipe the info from your hard drive)>