Windoze 7 install - stalls

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    Windoze 7 install - stalls/freezes

    Hi, i installed rc 7100 without any problems, i needed to go back to XP as some progs wouldn't work, however i have now the retail home premium version and both the 32 and 64 bit stop at the same place.

    Everything is good until the last section, Completing installation, the 3 dots to the right continue to move but the progress bar doesn't, i have left it for over an hour, and still no luck, i have read on the web to do a ctrl-alt-del at this point as that has worked on some machines, but not mine!:mad:

    If the had probs installing the RC, i wouldn't be as frustrated, but the fact that the RC went on in under 20 mins and the retail one wont go on at all is baffling me.

    i've done a clean install on all of them.

    hope someone can help!
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