windwos 7 dosn't read the whole hard disk


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hi all,

i have a problem: my windows 7600 Ultimate on notebook Acer Aspire 5735Z (250Gb HDD) doesn't see the whole hard disk. :(

here are two images on my Computer Management with right button click on each disk:

when i had Vista there were 2 disks: C and D with 111Gb each.

so, what's a problem? :confused: can i solve the problem? if i need i can reinstall windows 7 :p


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No need for a reinstall.
Go back into computer management. Right click the first drive which is showing without a letter designate, select Change Drive letters and paths and call it D.


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that's a good idea to name that drive,

but i can do nothing with it. i sent a screen shot where i click on right mouse button a there is only Help.
but on C disk there are many functions.

..and i don't know what to do. maybe there is another way to name disk?

hmmm why do you need an 111GB recovery partition personally i'd be inclined to do an custom install and remove all partitions untill it's just one big blank HDD and create a sinlge partition or just two


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Try this first.
1. Click Start-->Run
2. Type compmgmt.msc in the box and then click the OK button Or:
Open the Control panel (icon view) and selct the device manager.

3. In the window that opens, along the left side, find and click on Device Manager
4. In the right-hand pane find Disk Drives and click on the little plus sign to the left of it
5. Locate the drive you want info on and double-click on it
6. In the new window that opens find and click on the tab along the top that says Volumes
7. Find and click on the Populate button near the bottom of the window

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