Windows 8 Winning hearts and minds?


Noob Whisperer
According to available information, it looks like OEMs will likely be paying almost double the price for Windows RT (Windows 8 for ARM) versus what they've payed in the past for Windows 7.
As explained in the article, there may be some underlying strategy and logic for the cost but it seems a bit swiss cheesy and convoluted.
Conceptually we need to get these products to the market and in the hands of consumers but in reality, OH, by the way the cost of a license is going to be double.
So you get something with less (muscle, meat on the bone, general overall umph) but it's going to cost you more.
I can see Dell and HP saying.... Yah! I want some of that. Let me have it. Thank you sir, may I have another.
We'll pass that cost along to the consumer. I'm sure they'll be happy.
SOURCE: Windows RT will cost OEMs $85: Harakiri, or a Microsoft’s plan to capture the high-end market from Apple? | ExtremeTech